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CYL 7/8 White Fall Season - Welcome
by posted 09/09/2021

Hammers family,

My name is Nick Nylund and I'll be coaching your son this season alongside Ben Godfrey and Brian Davis. We're excited to have your son on the team and look forward to a fun fall on the field. To find the schedule on the website please go to, click on teams, select a team, Boys 7/8 White. Once the page loads click teams in the menu and the schedule tab will show.  

Some housekeeping items to keep in mind for games / this season:

1. Have fun! Lacrosse is a great sport for a variety of reasons, enjoy it as much as you can. The boys are going to make mistakes, but they will learn from them. Fall ball is the time to focus on fundamentals and that is what we plan to do. It can also be a rough game - they will get knocked down - but they will get up, and again, learn from the experience.  

2. On Saturdays please arrive 30 minutes prior to face-off for warm-ups and knock the rust off. I encourage you to make sure the boys shut down their devices early on Friday and get a full nights rest. 

3. Please make sure your son has all his gear packed in his kit on Friday night which includes his; helmet, stick, mouth guard, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, cup, cleats, and jersey. 

4. On Saturday mornings remind them to fill up their water bottle (with their name on it) or grab a Gatorade. Hydration is key, and these boys will go through water. A “20 oz Deer Park" may get them through the first half. Remember soda is junk food, so have them take it easy on the soda as a pre-game meal decision.  

5. CYL is a recreational league which means we will play your son at every position including goalie. We will provide sanitized Goalie equipment, so no fear there. Cups are mandatory equipment, required to play on the field and in the goal.  

6. We practice 1 night a week with games on Saturdays. I encourage you to work with your son during those "off" nights. If you don't feel comfortable throwing and catching with a lacrosse stick, you can always use a baseball glove with a lacrosse ball. Your son will appreciate this time together. Throwing, catching (with both hands) and scooping ground balls are the fundamental skills of the game. The boys that put in the time now set themselves up for success in the future. I will tell them "no balls in the house" but if they can ball up a old pair of socks to learn to cradle with, it's a great way for new players to learn.

7. Encourage them to run a laps around the house, or a nearby playground, or wherever for at least 30+ mins a day to help condition their bodies to the game. We play full field with 10 players per side at this level. The boys will run a lot so they need to be prepared. Keep in mind Lacrosse is like playing Basketball on a Soccer field, except you can go behind the goal like Ice Hockey...

If you ever have any questions or concerns please feel free to call me (text is often easier).

Let's have fun this season - GO HAMMERS!

Nick, Ben and Brian

703.268.6294 (Nick)

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